Who We Are

Amanda Gibbs, Principal  

Amanda is a public engagement specialist, communications strategist and facilitator with several decades experience supporting mission-driven organizations as they create visions and brands, plan for organizational change, craft winning campaigns, and create meaningful partnerships and collaborations.

Amanda’s career began as a reporter in the 1990s. As Strategic Counsel with the Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society (IMPACS) from 1999-2004, Gibbs worked with organizations nationally and internationally on complex, conflict-driven issues with diverse stakeholders. During this period, some of her national and international clients included Greenpeace, Tides Canada, Canadian Endangered Species Conservation Council, Canadian Council for International Cooperation, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and the LIU Centre for International Relations.

As Director of Audience Engagement at Museum of Vancouver (Canada’s largest civic museum) from 2008 to 2011, Amanda led the visioning and rethink of this century-plus local institution, and was able to activate its renaissance through a combination of exhibition planning, visitor experience strategy, community engagement and social media outreach. Her work has been recognized with several awards for marketing and community engagement from the Canadian Museums Association.

Since 2006, Amanda has been leading public engagement, planning and strategic communications for a range of clients — most recently Vancouver Foundation, School for Population Health at University of British Columbia, IDS West, Arts Health Network Canada, Vancity and Vancouver Division of Family Practice.


Amanda regularly moderates public meetings and panels, and has been a regular public speaker on innovation in public engagement. She is a passionate volunteer including acting as the chair of the Strathcona Community Centre Association, participating in community planning in the Downtown Eastside, and is committed to supporting work and programs that build social, creative and civic capital in communities. 

Collaborators & Associates

Public Assembly’s team of designers, digital specialists, event managers and facilitators will help your organizations realize its vision. Each project is unique and requires specific competencies to bring it to life. Here are some of our core collaborators: